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The ControlledArch System guarantees Predictable, Stable results that can be repeated on Patient after Patient.

The ControlledArch System

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New white papers available
  • White Paper on the Efficacy of the Osseo-Restore™ Appliance to Effect Skeletal Patency and Growth in The Anterior Maxilla
  • The functional matrix hypothesis revisited. Orofacial capsular matrices defined.

These white papers represent a science-based effort on behalf of clinicians, researchers and colleagues of the Facial Beauty Institute™ to provide dental clinicians and interested scientists fundamentally irrefutable scientific foundations regarding the mode of action, efficacy and safety of the novel maxillary orthodontic appliance ControlledArch™/Osseo-Restore™. Both papers are substantially footnoted so the published supportive science can be easily located and reviewed. We strongly believe that principles, based upon the work of Enlow, Moss, Frost, Wolfe and others, are central to an understanding of the anteriorly-facing surfaces of the developing human face, in particular that of the sub nasal region, which is the topic of these Clinical White Papers. It should be obvious that through understanding and respect for these principles is of paramount importance to clinicians whose current use of the ControlledArch™/Osseo-Restore™ technology, when properly administered, offers safe and efficacious resolution to many deleterious health conditions which may arise as the result of deficiencies of maxillary growth and development.


  • Bone growth remodeling principles are central to an understanding of the developing human face.
  • During growth teeth drift by classic deposition-resorption remodeling mechanisms.
  • Changes in bone mass occur by seeking strain thresholds that remain patent through life.
  • Orthopedic appliances form bone over anterior maxillary roots when forces remain in the biological range
  • Properly designed and managed orthopedic appliances can be safely applied to reverse maxillary deficiencies.

Essential Ortho presents The Facial Beauty Institute Third Annual Symposium

Hands on Training

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  • When: April 21 -22, 2023
  • Where: Atlanta, GA
  • Cost: Doctor $1495 Assistant $495
  • Speakers
    • Dr. Steve Galella DDS, Dr. Tim Bromage PHP, Dr. Crispen Simmons DDS
    • Dr. Stephen Deal DDS, Dr. Jason Scoppa, Maryam Norouz, RDH, OMT
    • Steve Ro, CDT
Facial Beauty 3rd annual symposium

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Detailed OrthoLogic treatment plans provide comprehensive instructions that are specific and customized for each individual patient. Our diagnostics are backed by radiologists and reviewed by experts to protect your investment. Your patients want beautiful lasting smiles, balanced faces, long-term stability and aesthetics. Our technology enhances and reveals the natural beauty within each individual!

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